Santa Barbara Infrared manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom target wheels, to conveniently and accurately position multiple targets in front of a blackbody source. The SBIR 300 Series Target Wheels are specifically designed to be used with SBIR’s standard differential blackbody sources and integrating sphere light sources. These motorized target wheels are available in several standard models to accommodate different sizes and numbers of targets.

SBIR’s target wheel/blackbody systems support manual or automated EO sensor tests such as MRT, MDT, MTF, and NEDT. The 300 Series Target Wheels integrate with SBIR’s Infinity Series Blackbodies and VSX Series Integrating Spheres to quickly and precisely position IR targets for accurate differential temperature or luminance generation. Wheel position is controlled from the front panel of the blackbody controller, or via its optional IEEE 488, RS-232 or ethernet interfaces.

A turnkey IR target projector can also be created by adding one of SBIR’s STC Series Collimators and an Infinity Series Blackbody or Infinity VSX Series Integrating Sphere.

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Rugged Accurate Design
Advanced mechanical design, incorporating a zero-backlash detent mechanism, results in exceptional target repeatability of better than .001″. Unlike direct drive wheels, which require continuous power to the motor and generate excess heat, no holding torque is necessary to maintain target position. This rugged yet simple design achieves both high performance and high reliability.

Thermal Stability
Target wheel designs incorporate shielding, baffling and high thermal mass to achieve maximum thermal stability and uniformity. Wheel temperature is displayed on the front panel of the blackbody controller, with resolution selectable at .01° or .001°C.

Adjustable Light Level Illuminator
A convenient visible alignment light can be mounted between the blackbody and the target wheel. The lamp can be moved into and out of the optical path to backlight the target. The alignment light is a useful tool for collimator setup, providing a visible source for alignment and focus checking. It also allows the user to perform IR to visible boresight testing with uncompromised accuracy, as the target is stationary during IR to visible source transition. The illuminator position is controlled from the front panel of the system controller or via its IEEE 488, RS-232 or ethernet interfaces.

Emissive or Reflective Targets
SBIR manufactures a complete line of reflective, emissive and visible targets for EO sensor testing. Targets include 4-bars, windows, cross targets, slits, pinholes and many more. Target alignment reference features are located at 0°, 45°, and 90°, allowing for manual rotation to perform vertical or horizontal testing. Target orientation with respect to the unit under test can be fine-tuned to eliminate edge aliasing. See the SBIR Target data sheet for more information on specific target details.

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A visible alignment light moves into and out of the optical path to backlight the target. The illuminator position is controlled from the front panel or via the computer interface options. Light level luminance is preconfigured and adjustable at 10 various intensity set points. This feature is very useful for visible alignment of the system. IR-to-visible boresight tests can be made with uncompromised accuracy because the target is stationary during IR to visible transition.

Click on one of the below links to view a PDF outline drawing:

312 Legacy Target Wheel
312i Infinity Target Wheel
313 Legacy Target Wheel
314 Legacy Target Wheel
315 Legacy Target Wheel
315i Infinity Target Wheel
316 Legacy Target Wheel
316i Infinity Target Wheel
317 Legacy Target Wheel
317i Infinity Target Wheel
318i Infinity Target Wheel

Note: if you are purchasing a 313, 314 or 315 target wheel and do not currently own a SBIR 2000/2100 Series Legacy Blackbody System then you will need to inquire with SBIR about a Model 921 Controller for automated control of the target wheel.

Select a target wheel model number (312i-318i) based on the appropriate specifications. For more detailed dimensional views please refer to the “Dimensions” tab.

Model ## of PositionsA in. (cm)B in. (cm)C in. (cm)D in. (cm)E in. (cm)F in. (cm)G in. (cm)H in. (cm)Blackbody Model #Illuminator Source
312i122.00 (5.08)13.62 (34.59)2.70 (6.86)6.25 (15.88)12.50 (31.75)1.50 (3.81)0.98 (2.49)0.63 (1.60)DB-04330/331/335
315i65.00 (12.70)19.69 (50.01)4.56 (11.58)9.12 (23.16)18.25 (46.36)1.58 (4.01)0.98 (2.49)0.63 (1.60)DB-04331/333
316i123.00 (7.62)19.69 (50.01)3.56 (9.04)9.12 (23.16)18.25 (46.36)1.58 (4.01)0.98 (2.49)0.63 (1.60)DB-04331/333
317i163.00 (7.62)24.30 (61.72)3.56 (9.04)11.50 (29.21)23 (58.42)1.58 (4.01)0.98 (2.49)0.63 (1.60)DB-04331/333
318i12 or 363.00, 1.00 (7.62, 2.54)24.3 (61.72)3.56 (9.04)11.50 (29.21)23 (58.42)1.58 (4.01)0.98 (2.49)0.63 (1.60)DB-04331/333

Custom Target Wheels:

Custom target wheels are also available for many diverse applications. These target wheels are incorporated into both military and commercial systems to meet the varied requirements of laboratory, depot and field environments.

See PDF Datasheet

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Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 or for applications engineering assistance or specific test needs.

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