Santa Barbara Infrared manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom target wheels, to conveniently and accurately position multiple targets in front of a blackbody source. The SBIR 300 Series Target Wheels are specifically designed to be used with SBIR’s standard differential blackbody sources and integrating sphere light sources. These motorized target wheels are available in several standard models to accommodate different sizes and numbers of targets.

SBIR’s target wheel/blackbody systems support manual or automated EO sensor tests such as MRT, MDT, MTF, and NEDT. The 300 Series Target Wheels integrate with SBIR’s Infinity Series Blackbodies and VSX Series Integrating Spheres to quickly and precisely position IR targets for accurate differential temperature or luminance generation. Wheel position is controlled from the front panel of the blackbody controller, or via its optional IEEE 488, RS-232 or ethernet interfaces.

A turnkey IR target projector can also be created by adding one of SBIR’s STC Series Collimators and an Infinity Series Blackbody or Infinity VSX Series Integrating Sphere.

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