IRCameras provides the most technologically advanced infrared imaging systems available for scientific, industrial and military applications. In addition to our extensive line-up of standard commercial infrared cameras and IDCAs, we offer custom design and build services to meet unique optical, packaging and space-constrained requirements.

IRCameras is a subsidiary of Santa Barbara Infrared, a long-time leader in the design and manufacture of electro-optical (E-O) test instrumentation. SBIR, in turn, is part of HEICO Corporation, a technology-based aerospace company that’s been engaged in niche market segments within the aerospace, aviation and electronics industries for more than 40 years. Together we are uniquely positioned to advance development of thermal imaging technologies, and to commercialize these technologies for a wide range of applications including: nondestructive testing, predictive maintenance, online process monitoring and control, scientific research, target signature, security and surveillance and many more.

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CompactCore™ HD+ Hot nBn OEM Core

CompactCore™  HD+ is a true high definition infrared OEM sensor engine and it is available in the smallest package produced today. Based on advanced high operating temperature (HOT) infrared focal plane technology, the CompactCore™ HOT MWIR camera core provides 1280 x 1024 resolution in a package specifically configured for applications where size, weight and power (SWaP) are critical considerations. This new core incorporates the latest MWIR detector technology, and is intended for fixed and mobile surveillance applications requiring both high resolution and excellent thermal sensitivity. With a detector operating temperature of 135° Kelvin, the CompactCore™ HD+ camera core requires only 7 watts of power in a package that weighs about one pound, and is designed for continuous operation in mission critical applications.

Our CompactCore™ cores can be configured with a choice of fixed or continuous zoom optics, and can be  adapted to support custom lens designs.

Both camera and optics can be controlled through a single integrated communications interface.  Flexible digital and analog outputs, low power consumption and unmatched thermal sensitivity result in a high performance infrared imaging solution appropriate for mission critical fixed, mobile and airborne applications.

Broadband SLS IR Camera

The IRC906SLS is the latest addition to IRCameras’ line of Closed Cycle Stirling Cooled Cameras.  High sensitivity and a broadband response from 2µm to 10.5 µm make the IRC906SLS well suited for Chemical Detection and Analysis, Target Signature Characterization  and Spectroscopy applications.

The IRC906SLS is like having two cameras in one – an optional embedded filter wheel allows the user to select specific wavelengths of interest in both the MWIR and LWIR regions, taking full advantage of the extended wavelength response of the SLS sensor. The combination of a high performance digital sensor, along with the standard broadband spectral response of the SLS material, results in a truly unique

Short Wave (SWIR) Camera

The IRC906HS is the latest addition to IRCameras’ line of Closed Cycle Stirling Cooled InSb Cameras. High sensitivity and a broad spectral response from 950 nm to 5 µm make the IRC906HS well suited for spectroscopy, infrared search and track, target signature, astronomy, laser detection & characterization as well as other demanding SWIR imaging applications. The IRC906HS offers an optional proprietary antireflective focalplane coating that extends the low end spectral response from the standard 950 nm to 400 nm, further enhancing the value of this already versatile imager.

LN2 MWIR Cameras

The IRC800 Series cameras offer the ultimate in flexibility for research scientists. Camera operators can vary integration times, frame rates and cold filters to meet the most precise testing requirements making the IRC800 the perfect instrument for prototyping system development or where application requirements may change. A 1/3-liter LN2 pour-filled Dewar assembly maintains temperature for up to 20 hours unpowered and 9 hours powered which makes the IRC800 Series perfect for Scientific Imaging, Process Analysis and Quality Assurance. A developer’s kit is available for users who wish to create their own applications.

Closed Cycle MWIR Cameras

The IRC900 Series cameras provide high thermal sensitivity and spatial resolution in a compact package suitable for laboratory and field use.  Developed using closed cycle stirling coolers these cameras offer the highest full frame rates and shortest integration times in the industry. Produced with all metal external parts, these coolers are built for long life under stressing environmental conditions. IRC offers these products with the ability to configure spectral band cold filter, transfer tube configuration, and f/#, allowing you to alter for specific application requirements.  Utilizing the latest in all digital FPA Technology, the IRC900 Series offers unmatched sensitivity, ultra-low noise, no blooming and no cross talk.