In 1999, SBIR introduced MIRAGE™, the world’s first integrated Dynamic IR Scene Projection System, designed to support hardware-in-the-loop testing of missile seekers, FLIRs, counter measure simulation and tracking systems. MIRAGE™ is a complete turnkey infrared scene projector that utilizes unique resistive emitter array technology to produce high definition dynamic IR scenes. The original MIRAGE™-1 used a 512 x 511 pixel resistive array emitter capable of frame rates up to 200 Hz. Below is a list outlining the progression of the product line and a list of SBIR’s currently available scene generation systems:

MIRAGE™-1 (512 x 511, maximum temperature 475K)2
MIRAGE™-1.5 (512 x 511, maximum temperature 575 K)2
MIRAGE™-H (512 x 512 or 800 x 800, maximum temperature 675K)
MIRAGE™-XL (1024 x 1024, maximum temperature 675K)

Special MIRAGE™ systems1 to meet unique customer requirements include:

MIRAGE™-CR1 (512 x 512 , 50K to 650K apparent temperature)
MIRAGE™-WF1 (768 x 1536, maximum temperature 600K)
MIRAGE™-XL-CR1 (1024 x 1024, 50K to 650K apparent temperature)

MIRAGE™ is an integrated scene projection solution—not a technology or component. Signal processing electronics, power supplies, emitter array cooling, calibration (non-uniformity correction) hardware, and user interface software are all integrated with the MIRAGE™ emitter engine. SBIR’s MIRAGE™ products offer high fidelity simulation capability in a system that is reliable and easy to use. 

All common inputs are supported including DVI, DVP2/DDO2, RS170, NTSC and PAL. The high level of integration and usability means the end-user can devote his or her time to testing. 

Each of these products produce high definition dynamic IR scenes for land, air and space based simulations. SBIR’s patented systems are in use at government and defense contractor installations throughout the world. 

Notes: (1) Not available for sale to the public. (2) No longer offered


The product(s) described in this document will require an export license for shipment outside of the United States.