Santa Barbara Infrared’s Infinity Series of Differential Blackbodies (DB Series) are designed in sizes ranging from 4 to 14 inches and are used to support the most critical IR testing requirements. The Infinity blackbodies offer the best performance available. Fast, stable, uniform, accurate and reliable, these blackbody systems provide performance enhancements and features that set them apart from previously available systems.

A key feature is the new iProbe from SBIR. This intelligent temperature sensor is calibrated independently of the blackbody system. To re-calibrate the system you need only exchange the probe with a recently calibrated one. No special equipment is required thus minimizing downtime. Additionally, an optional new ultra-black surface coating – VANTABLACK®S-IR – can be applied to the source plate providing unprecedented emissivity on a flat plate blackbody system.

Our blackbody radiation sources are designed for use as flood sources for non-uniformity correction or sensor calibration, and as differential sources for MRT, MTF, SiTF and other standard IR sensor characterization tests.

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