SBIR’s Pulsed Laser Diode Target Projector is designed to provide a uniform collimated pulsed laser output at 1064nm. It can be used for testing both laser receivers and detectors, and also alignment of quadrant detectors used in laser guided missiles. 

The system includes a Newtonian type collimator, laser source and controller, and fiber optic/pinhole target assembly. The system can be operated manually via the front panel of the controller or remotely via an ethernet interface to a PC. 

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• PRF of 20 to 12,500Hz, PRF Stability +/- 0.005% 

• Pulse Width 20 +/- 10ns 

• Pulse to Pulse Stability of +/- 2% 

• Variable calibrated irradiance 

• Various trigger modes including: internal (free run), external trigger (start laser firing) free run and external trigger pulse to pulse. 

Click on the below link to view a PDF outline drawing:

6″ Collimator PDF 

STC-630Z Collimator
Clear Aperture 6 inches
Focal Length 30 inches
Wavefront Error 0.35 waves at 633 nm
FOV 2.75º
Size 33.5” long x 18.6” wide x 12.5” high
Fiber Optic/Target Assembly
The fiber optic pinhole target assembly is mounted at the focus of the collimator. The alignment of the target assembly will be done at the factory prior to shipment. Periodic adjustment is not required unless the laser collimator and fiber are replaced or the system receives a severe physical shock.
Target Pinhole
Pulse Repetition Frequency Range 20 to 12,500Hz
Pulse Width 20 +/-10ns
Pulse Power Amplitude Uncertainty < 10% of power setting
Uniformity at Collimator Output +/-10% of Power Setting Over 4 inch Diameter Central Area, Measured 
with a Radiometer with a Collecting Aperture of Less than 1” Diameter
Peak Power Range (minimum) 0.05 mW/cm2 to 0.1 mW/cm2 (for 10mrad Target Subtense)
Control Manual via front panel, RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces
External Trigger Diode Pulse Controllable via External Trigger (TTL trigger Input)

See PDF Datasheet 

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