The 4000 Series extended area blackbodies feature a 50ºC to 600ºC range, precise temperature control and a unique and uniform Lambertian emitting surface. These units are ideal for use as calibration source references, large area uniform flood sources and for backlighting targets. 

They are designed for use in laboratory, production and depot environments and are easily integrated into automated, multi-function test benches. Each system includes a calibrated blackbody head, separate controller, cabling and a user’s manual. 

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SBIR’s 4000 Series blackbodies put the temperature measurement and calibration electronics in the blackbody head rather than in the control electronics package. With this approach, temperature measurement information from the blackbody to the controller is serial digital data rather than an analog temperature sensor signal. The result is significantly improved performance: lower noise operation, more stable temperature control, improved immunity to EMI, and an easier integration task for the test equipment engineer.

High Temperature Range 
The emitting surface of the blackbody can be controlled at temperatures up to 600°C

High Accuracy and Stability 
The microprocessor-based temperature controller is designed for optimum accuracy and stability. A high resolution enhanced PID temperature servo provides zero drift and low jitter control of the emitting surface’s temperature.

Ease of Calibration 
Calibration is fast and easy. All adjustments can be made directly from the front panel or through the remote interface. Calibration points are independent of each other, allowing the user to touch up a single calibration point.

Built In Test (BIT) 
An extensive BIT assures that the blackbody is functioning properly during use. BIT is automatically invoked on power up, and a continuous background (transparent to the user) BIT is performed during operation. A more extensive commanded BIT can be invoked via the computer interface.

Ease of Integration 
The 4000 Series blackbody sources are available in 2″, 4″, and 6″ square apertures. An intuitive, user-friendly front panel provides easy control of all instrument functions. These blackbodies integrate easily with other SBIR products such as collimators and target wheels.

IEEE Std. 488 Interface (GPIB) 
The thorough implementation of the ANSI/IEEE Std. 488.1-1987 allows for computer control of all blackbody, calibration, illuminator, and target wheel functions.

RS-232 Serial Interface
An optional serial interface provides computer control of all blackbody, calibration, illuminator and target wheel functions.

Many standard and custom infrared targets are available. These targets can be supplied with either emissive or reflective coatings. See the Target section for details.

Target Wheels 
Multiple targets can be rapidly and precisely positioned in front of the blackbody. Target position can be set from the front panel of the controller or via the optional computer interface. For details on the full line of target wheels see SBIR’s Target Wheel section. 

Rack Mounting 
The blackbody controller is designed for bench-top or standard 19 inch rack use. Rack mounting ears come standard with the instrument. A rack slide kit is also available.


Click on one of hte below links to view a PDF outline drawing:
4002 Model PDF (contact SBIR)
4004 Model PDF

4006 Model PDF 

Available Aperture Size 2″, 4” and 6”
Temperature Range  50ºC to 600ºC Absolute
Emissivity   >0.93, 2 µ to 14 µ
Display resolution 0.10ºC
Setpoint resolution 0.10ºC
Stability1 ± 0.30ºC short term, ±0.50 ºC long term
Total System Uncertainty ±3.5ºC or 0.5%, whichever is greater
Slew Rate (Approximate Heating Rate 50ºC to 600ºC)    +0.25ºC/sec
Slew Rate (Approximate Cooling Rate 600ºC to 50ºC)    -0.05ºC/sec
Settling Time (Varies by Blackbody Size) 45-120 seconds
Ready Indicator within ±0.50ºC of setpoint
Line Voltage Selectable 100 / 120 / 220 / 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. Power Consumption 1760W
Approximate Blackbody Weight 4002—15 lbs., 4004—20 lbs., 4006—28 lbs.
Approximate Controller Weight 21 lbs.

1. Short term is defined as less than one hour and long term is over 1 hour.
* Specifications subject to change without prior notice 


application drawing


See PDF Datasheet 

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4000 Series Blackbody 3D models for download: 


SBIR’s extended temperature 4000 Series blackbody systems are classified based on six different features that are customer selectable. They are blackbody size, communication options, country input voltage, power cable code, temperature range and cable length. For example, a 4″ Model 4000 Series System with Option G interface and W interface, 115/60Hz with US power cable, temperature range of 50°C to 600°C and a cable length of 10 feet has the following part number: 4004GW-120K-FF-10

• Blackbody Size: 2″, 4″, 6″

• Communications Options:
S- RS-232
W- Target Wheel Communication (Please note the Target Wheel Model Number Required)

• Country Input voltage:

• Power Cable Code: (unique to the 4000 and 4100s series)

J – Japan
K – US
A – Ger., Neth., Swed.
C – China
F – France
I – Italy
D – UK

• Temperature Range:
FF = 50° to 600°

• Cable Length in feet:
10 feet (standard length)

customized length 

Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 or to ensure the proper part number and to receive a quotation.

Information subject to change without notice