SBIR’s Infinity Dual Differential Blackbody Systems (DDB Series) are designed for applications requiring the precision and versatility provided by two separate blackbodies. Two-point correction of infrared detectors, radiometric calibration of IR target projectors and simulators, and high precision system-level testing all use dual sources to improve accuracy and reduce test time. The temperature control circuitry of the two blackbodies is shared, eliminating the bulk and expense of two controllers, and greatly improving the accuracy of the differential temperature control.

The temperature controller allows the absolute temperature of both blackbodies to be controlled independently. Alternately, the temperature of source 2 can be controlled with respect to source 1. Another key feature is the new iProbe from SBIR. This intelligent temperature sensor is calibrated independently of the blackbody system. To re-calibrate the system you need only exchange the probe with a recently calibrated one. No special equipment is required thus minimizing downtime

These instruments are built using the same architecture as SBIR’s DB Series Blackbodies, and thus exhibit the superior accuracy, stability, and ease of use as SBIR’s other Infinity systems. An optional new ultra-black surface coating –VANTABLACK®S-IR – can be applied to the source plates providing unprecedented emissivity on a flat plate blackbody system.

These dual blackbodies integrate easily with SBIR’s reflective-target collimators and target wheels to create turnkey IR target projectors.

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