Santa Barbara Infrared’s reflective infrared and visible target projectors are turnkey test systems for electro-optical (E-O) testing of FLIRs and other infrared (IR) and visible imaging systems. The standard target projectors are assembled from SBIR’s STC Series Collimators, Infinity Blackbodies, Infinity VSX Integrating Spheres and 300 Series Target Wheels.

SBIR also offers stand-alone visible target projectors for testing CCD cameras and remote sensing systems..

With the addition of IRWindows™ automated test software, SBIR’s infrared and visible target projectors become fully integrated closed-loop automated hardware/software solutions.

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SBIR offers infrared (IR) and visible target projectors in many standard configurations to satisfy most imaging test requirements. See the table below for standard infrared and visible configurations.

Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 for applications engineering assistance or specific test needs.

Information subject to change without notice.

IR Target Projector ModelClear ApertureFocal LengthField of ViewBlackbody ModelTarget Wheel Illuminator
14001Zi6" (15.24 cm)30" (76.2 cm)3.81°DB-04312i335i
14003Zi8" (20.32 cm)40" (101.6 cm)2.86°DB-04312i335i
14008Zi12" (30.48 cm)60" (152.4 cm)2.86°DB-04316i333i
137929" (22.86 cm)30" (76.2 cm)5.7°DB-04316i333i
Visible Target Projector ModelClear ApertureFocal LengthField of ViewSphere ModelTarget Wheel
136456" (15.24 cm)30" (76.2 cm)3.81°VSX-02312i
136378" (20.32 cm)40" (101.6 cm)2.86°VSX-02312i
1347312" (30.48 cm)60" (152.4 cm)2.86°VSX-04316i

*- Denotes source comes equipped with ND Filter Holder mounted to front of integrating sphere.

Custom Target Projectors:

Santa Barbara Infrared’s expertise is in the design of high-end electro-optical test equipment. SBIR’s engineering department can design the optics, along with IR, visible, or laser sources to properly test virtually any customer’s system.

Custom systems can include:

•Clear aperture sizes up to 30” in diameter (larger diameters are available)

•Focal lengths up to 225” (larger focal lengths are available)

•Adjustment for through-focus testing and testing focus at range

•Combined I-Squared/NIR/IR stimulus for broadband testing

•Laser beam characterization, range verification and receiver sensitivity

•Multi-sensor boresight

•Spectral response measurement

Below are just a few examples of application-specific test systems that SBIR has designed. Contact SBIR for applications assistance, engineering design, and fabrication for your electro-optics test requirements.

The Model 13792 target projectors are built around SBIR’s versatile modular (MTC-930) collimator. This collimator has a 9″ diameter 30″ focal length primary mirror, and is built into a lightweight, rugged, stable, carbon fiber housing with a 7″ diameter clear exit aperture. It can be configured for either standard emissive target or reflective target applications (see SBIR’s Targets page for more information about reflective targets).

Model 13323 dual blackbody, all reflective background IR target projector is used to characterize WFOV IR sensor systems. It features a broadband, 3 to 14 micron range, reflective IR target technology for the most accurate and stable differential targets, controlled background radiance, a 5º FOV with 36º uniform background.

The 13383 test bench system is configured specifically for characterizing the performance of IR and visible sensors and performing multi-sensor boresighting (IR to Visible to Laser).

The design of the test bench is similar to many other test systems that SBIR has manufactured. The test bench includes a broadband collimator, precision differential blackbody, uniform large area visible source, 16 position motorized target wheel and manual micrometer driven range simulation platform.

The Model 13386 is designed to support high accuracy co-boresight measurement and performance of Visible, IR and Laser sub-systems mounted on a common platform.  The 13386 is a fully integrated test system that includes a 12” clear aperture, 60” Newtonian collimator, camera based boresight module, differential blackbody with visible illuminator, visible source, target wheel and an adjustable focus/range platform. The NIR camera that is included in the boresight module also functions as a laser beam profiler to support laser spatial measurements.

The Model 13158 is a fully integrated test system used to verify the performance of infrared imaging systems. The 13158 is a thermally stable system specifically designed for use in a depot/field environment where the ambient temperature can vary widely.

The Model 13158 consists of three major components: Model 15166 athermal collimator, a differential blackbody source and a Model 316 target wheel.

The Model 13432 is a fully integrated test bench used to automatically characterize and verify the performance of IR and Vis/NIR/SWIR systems. The 13432 incorporates many SBIR standard products and modified standard products with a highly sophisticated optical system into a design that will provide the most advanced testing capability available. At the heart of the system is a 30 inch diameter, 29 inch clear aperture, 225 inch focal length broadband (0.4 to 14 microns) all reflective collimator. A 16 position automated target wheel is located at focus of the collimator. A differential blackbody and Vis/NIR/SWIR integrating sphere source are beam combined behind the target wheel to provide uniform fused target illumination of the targets in the target wheel.

See PDF outline drawings for infrared target projector configurations:
14001Zi Target Projector
14003Zi Target Projector
14008Zi Target Projector

For more specific dimension information on a component of a target projector, please see the individual product pages by using the links below.

Infinity Differential Blackbody (DB)
STC Series Collimators

VSX Series Integrating Sphere (VSX)
Target Wheels

STC-630Z 6.00 (15.24) 30 
2.75 1.44
64.04 160.1
STC-840Z 8.00(20.32) 40 
2.86 2.00
48.03 120.1
STC-1260Z 12.00(30.48) 60 
2.86 3.00 
32.02 80.05
MTC-930Z 9.00 (22.86) 30 (76) 5.7 3.00 
38 95
Linear dimensions are in inches (cm)

Order Information:

IR and Visible Target Projectors are specified by model number corresponding to the configuration chart tab. Not all possible combinations are shown.

Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 or for applications engineering assistance or specific test needs.

Information subject to change without notice.