The COLOSUS line of electro-optical test systems from Santa Barbara Infrared Inc. and Labsphere Inc. include collimated optics, software and uniform sources for the optical characterization of sensors and cameras.

The devices are offered in both collimated and flood-mode test configurations. Integrating spheres, blackbodies, collimators, target wheels, system peripherals and traceable calibration data are combined and controlled by the IRWindows™4 automated test software package to provide a single, easy-to-use testing method for each of the new systems in the product series.

Custom test solutions can be designed to achieve specific program requirements.

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Target Wheels

• Rugged design

• 6, 12 and 16 position automated wheels

• Laser cut features for precise dimension specifications

• Huge range of precision targets to meet all testing needs

• Emissive or reflective targets

• Custom designs

Integrating Sphere Systems

• HELIOS®-based modular systems sources and materials to suit 0.3-14um range

• 1200K-6500K or adjustable CCT solar radiance levels and spectrums

• Night vision levels

• Huge dynamic ranges (>1e10)

• Absolute traceable calibration

• Monitoring options: broadband, multispectral or spectral

• Color and tuneable spectrum options

• Custom designs for any application


• Off-axis Newtonian designs

• 6”, 8” and 12” apertures

• Optics optimized for bands

• Optional non-infinite focus capability

• Custom designs including larger apertures and focal lengths


• Variety of temperatures from -40°C to +175°C

• Aperture sizes from 4” to 12”

• COLOSUS requires a 4” aperture

• Unparalleled emissivity option for enhanced radiometric control – emissivity > 0.998!

• Excellent temporal and thermal stability (mK)

• Uniformity >98%

• Accuracy of 0.010°C

• Custom Designs


• Most advanced E-O software suite available

• Widely used in commercial, government & military establishments

• Core control of all system assets

• Ergonomic, adaptable, easy-to-use GUI

• Operator, developer and programmer modes

• Supports >100 standardized radiometric, laser and thermal tests

• Supports all standard framegrabber formats including Analog, GigE, Camera Link, DVI, CoaXPress, Firewire, HD 720 & 1080i (SMPTE 292M, 296M, 259M, 274M), USB3.0 and more!

• Custom camera and framegrabber support

• SQL database collection of data

• Custom test design and reports


Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 or to ensure the proper part number and to receive a quotation.

Information subject to change without notice.


A Sample of Radiometric and Thermal Applications in the SWIR


Provide Calibrated Temperature and Radiance Information
Measurement of Temperatures through Glass
Imaging through Smoke and other Visible Obscurants
Imaging of Eye-Safe Laser-Illuminated Targets (>1.4um)
Imaging with Reduced Atmospheric Scattering (compared to visible)
Polarization Analysis for Target Identification
Multi-Spectral Analysis for Target Identification
Molecular Spectroscopy Analysis
Pharmaceutical Product Analysis
Water- and Alcohol-Content Analysis
Detection of Oxidation/Damage/Spoilage in Food
Detection of Defects in Semiconductors/Solar Cells
Detection of Non-Visible Flames (Alcohol/Hydrogen)
Detection of Water or Sweat on Targets/Human Skin
Imaging through Plastics and other Petroleum-Based Products
Imaging through Paints and Coatings
Imaging through Multi-Layer Laminates
Imaging of Redacted Documents
Identification of Counterfeit Documents


Huge Dynamic Ranges
Broadband and Blackbody Sources
Solar Spectrums
Color, Tuneable & Monochromatic Solutions
Traceable Calibrations
System Control & Standard Test in IRWindows™4

Use night sky spectrums and levels for instrument verification. Combine sources or filter sources to suit the test needs. Today’s night vision systems are challenging not only visible ranges but extending to the SWIR for enhanced performance and sensor fusion. COLOSUS dynamic range can cover day levels and night levels continuously in one system.

COLOSUS adds tuneable LEDs, lasers and other innovative sources into your test arsenal. Test your R-G-B camera for absolute performance, or tune the spectrum in the visible to match standard illuminance or color chart reflectance values. Don’t estimate color performance and white balance – Test it! Add laser wavelengths or monochromatic spectrums to narrow in on your application needs.

COLOSUS extends the radiance possibilities from the VIS to the LWIR with a variety of sources, spheres and blackbodies for complete calibration of your instruments. Select, combine and tune your calibration sources to match the dynamic range and spectral performance of your instrument.

Halogen spectrums are the industry standards, but often represent problems for advanced instrumentation as they are “red-weighted” sources leaving your test lacking in blue-weighted solar spectrums. COLOSUS systems add innovative plasma and xenon sources so you can test with tuneable spectrums actually resembling solar reflective target spectrums and levels.
Test as you Fly and Fly as you Test for highest accuracy.


Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 or to ensure the proper part number and to receive a quotation.

Information subject to change without notice.