The Multi-Spectral Source (patent pending) is an integrating sphere based output source with integral extended area blackbody and pulsed laser sources (1.06nm, 1.57nm) that is used for simultaneous boresight and image resolution testing. The laser sources synchronize with adjustable delay for range-gated camera testing. 

The MSS system is designed to support testing of gated cameras that are integrated into a multisensor package. The MSS combines both an infrared and laser source, allowing the gated camera to be boresighted with an IR sensor. In addition, the MSS serves as a uniform backlight for a variety of resolution targets. 

Each system includes an MSS Source Sphere, System Controller, calibrated iProbe(s), interconnect cable and power cable. These systems are easily integrated with other SBIR products including target wheelscollimators, source select stages, range stages, boresight modules, visible illuminators, and laser test modules

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