Oftentimes a customer will have multiple sensors (thermal, CCD and laser range finders (LRFs) or designators) all on a single payload and they want to perform various sensor validation tests (visible, infrared and laser) on them with a single piece of equipment. To address this issue, SBIR has developed numerous systems which combine our infrared blackbody sourcesvisible integrating sphere sources and our laser test modules to create a turn-key test system capable of testing and validating multiple devices within a gimbal. 

A small example of tests can include: Noise (NETD, NEI), Boresight, Sensitivity (SiTF, Responsivity), Focus (MTF), Resolution (MRTD, MRC), Distortion, Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC), Field of View (FOV), Laser Range Finder Accuracy, Beam Profiling, Pulse Energy, Pulse Power, Pulse Width, Beam Divergence and Receiver Sensitivity. All of these tests can be automated using SBIR’s IRWindows™4 test software. Contact a SBIR sales team member for more informatoin at 805-965-3669 or email at