Santa Barbara Infrared’s Nightingale Body Temperature Reference (BTR) blackbody systems provide a stable, uniform, low cost and simple to operate thermal source for human body temperature detection. Nightingale sources are primarily designed to be incorporated into COVID-19 related thermal imaging body temperature screening systems. The Nightingale Body Temperature References work by providing a viewable thermal reference area for infrared (thermal) camera systems to detect fevers in those being tested for Coronavirus. The Nightingale BTR source features “set and forget” configuration. An operator simply configures the reference source through the USB interface and stores the set point into non-volatile memory. After configuration, the blackbody automatically controls to the set point upon each power up. A status LED visually indicates when the reference is stable and ready for use as a calibration source. The Nightingale’s performance has been optimized for a range of absolute temperature set points and ambient conditions that are required by most body temperature screening systems.  The Nightingale BTR source is IEC 80601-2-59 compliant.  

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