SBIR is pleased to announce the recent completion of a fully automated, turnkey system for high rate IR camera testing with a throughput of one camera every 30 seconds. The test system is capable of performing all standard performance metrics tests as well as a mechanical focus adjustment automatically.

The system is controlled via SBIR’s  IRWindows™  software which automates the setup, execution, data collection and results analysis to determine whether a camera passes or fails–all of which is done in 30 seconds.

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•  Capable of validating cameras in 30 seconds

•  Fully automated with IRWindows™

•  Results exported to enterprise data base

• Repeatable and accurate test results

•  Includes Off-Axis Transfer Module for testing simultaneous on and off-axis images to enable tests such as focus optimization,
     full-field MTF and sensor fusion. Four additional satellite images are generated in addition to the on-axis image. Each satellite
     image retians the same high quality of the on-axis image

•  Manual shutters on the Off-Axis Transfer Module allows you to close off any of the five projected paths during test

Please contact the SBIR sales team at (805) 965-3669 or for applications engineering assistance or specific test needs.

Information subject to change without notice.