VEO-2 E-O Test System

SBIR’s VEO-2 system provides a compact, portable, high-performance, turnkey solution for test and evaluation of IR, visible/TV, DVO, and laser rangefinder/designator UUTs.

VEO-2 features reduced mass, volume, and complexity relative to the TETS system, and may be transported in a single shipping container. The system’s reduced size maximizes ease-of-use in space-constrained areas. VEO-2 supports critical specifications for field testing, and offers comparable electro-optical performance. The VEO-2 system combines TETS functionality into a reduced number of EO modules, via leverage of numerous previous and current EO tester development programs. System control and test automation is achieved using the IR Windows™ test software and leverages TETS developed work.

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Common EO System ComponentsThe main unit consists of all VEO-2 measurement components with the exception of the laser range and receiver sensitivity measurement function (this is housed in a small separate unit that is independently mounted on the TPS fixture and is called the Laser Range and Receiver Sensitivity (LaRRS) subsystem.

The main unit houses the following subsystems, each having their own components.

  • Collimator Subsystem
    • Collimator optics: Off axis parabolic mirror and fold mirror
    • Retro-reflector optics and assembly
  • Electro-optical subsystem
    • Target wheel
    • Sources: Visible, IR, Laser Boresight
    • Laser Camera
    • Laser Energy Probe (Joule)
    • Slide mechanisms that support selecting sources and camera/energy probe
  • Electronics Subsystem
    • Ethernet interface to core
    • Command and control electronics
      • Target wheel
      • Slide assemblies
      • Visible source luminance
      • IR source temperature
      • Lasers control
    • Temperature measurements

      Laser Range Receiver Sensitivity (LaRRS) Unit
    • Performs range measurements
    • Sensitivity measurements
    • Autocollimation with main unit

  • VEO-2 Modulated Source Capability
    To support TOW and TOW derivative applications, VEO-2 can incorporate the existing TETS modulated source boresight measurement requirements. This is an option not currently included in the VEO-2, but easily incorporated if desired. Modulated Source capability can be quoted by SBIR if desired.

    IRWindows™4 TPS Development Environment

    The VEO-2 test set can also be optimized for seamless integration with the SBIR IRWindows™ test system. IRWindows™ is an advanced software tool that automates the setup, execution, data collection and results analysis for industry standard performance testing of infrared, visible and laser sensor systems.

VEO-2 Dimensions:


VEO-2 Transit Case Dimensions:

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     TEST      IR          VIS          LASER          DVO & MOD/VIS TRACKERS    
  Video Display
  Channel Integrity
  Display Resolution
  Noise Equivalent Input
  Pulse Energy
  Pulse Rate (PRF)
  Pulse Amplitude
  Pulse Width
  Beam Alignment
  Range Accuracy
  First/Last Pulse Logic
  Receiver Sensitivity
  Size Sensitivity
  Contrast Sensitivity
  Angular Rate Sensitivity

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